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Decoded Slug: Verbる こと なし に (Verb-ru koto nashi ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる こと なし に (Verb-ru koto nashi ni)

Verbる こと なし に (Verb-ru koto nashi ni)

Short explanation:

Used to express the meaning 'without doing'.


Verb-dictionary form + ことなしに


Shiken wo benkyou suru koto nashi ni goukaku shimashita.
I passed the exam without studying.
Shichaku suru koto nashi ni, fuku wo kaimashita.
I bought clothes without trying them on.
Kare wa hataraku koto nashi ni seikatsu shite imasu.
He is living without working.
Tetsuzuki wo suru koto nashi ni, taishoku shimashita.
I retired without going through procedures.

Long explanation:

The することなしに / できることなしに grammar point is used to express the concept of 'without doing something'. The structure can be used with any verb to express the lack of necessity or requirement to do something before doing another action.

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