Decoded Slug: Verbる ことのないように (Verb-ru koto no nai you ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる ことのないように (Verb-ru koto no nai you ni)

Verbる ことのないように (Verb-ru koto no nai you ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses the desire to avoid or prevent a certain action; 'so as not to', 'to avoid'.


Verb-る + ことのないように


Kuruma wo nakusu koto no nai you ni, chuushajou ni kuruma wo rokku shimashou.
In order not to lose the car, let's lock it at the parking lot.
Kaze wo hiku koto no nai you ni, te wo yoku araimashou.
To avoid catching a cold, you should wash your hands well.
Shiken ni ochiru koto no nai you ni, mainichi benkyou shimashou.
In order not to fail the exam, let's study every day.
Machigai wo suru koto no nai you ni, shigoto wo shinchou ni okonaimashou.
So as not to make mistakes, let's perform our work cautiously.

Long explanation:

The 〜Verbる ことのないように grammar point is used to express an intention or effort to prevent a certain action from happening. It is translated as 'so as not to', 'in order not to', 'to avoid'. This statement expresses the idea of avoiding the situation described in the verb.

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