Decoded Slug: Verbる にとどまらず~も (Verb-ru ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる にとどまらず~も (Verb-ru ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Verbる にとどまらず~も (Verb-ru ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Short explanation:

Expresses the concept of not only doing verb but also something more; 'not limited to', 'not only... but also'.


Verb-dictionary form + にとどまらず + extra action or outcome


Kare wa shigoto ni todomarazu, borantia katsudou mo shite iru.
He is not only working but also doing volunteer activities.
Kono kinou wa shashin satsuei ni todomarazu, douga satsuei mo kanou desu.
This function is not limited to taking photos, it can also take videos.
Kono resutoran wa Nihon ryouri ni todomarazu, Chuuka ryouri mo teikyou shiteimasu.
This restaurant not only serves Japanese food, but also Chinese cuisine.
Sono kigyou wa seizougyou ni todomarazu, ryuutsuugyou mo tegakete iru.
The company is not just in manufacturing, but also handles distribution.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Verbる にとどまらず~も is used to express that an action or situation is not limited to just the verb but also includes something more. It can be translated as 'not only... but also', 'not just', 'not merely', 'beyond' in English. The verb is in its dictionary form.

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