Decoded Slug: Verbる にも Verb れない (Verbる にも Verb れない)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる にも Verb れない (Verbる にも Verb れない)

Verbる にも Verb れない (Verbる にも Verb れない)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea of 'even if I try or want to do something, I am still unable to do it'.


Verb-potential form + にも + Verb-negative form


Kare wo rikai shiyou ni mo rikai dekinai.
Even if I try to understand him, I can't.
Hashirou ni mo hashirenai.
Even if I want to run, I can't.
Nakou ni mo nakenai.
Even if I want to cry, I can't.
Wasureyou ni mo wasurerarenai.
Even if I want to forget, I can't.

Long explanation:

The にも Verb れない grammar point is used to express the situation when one tries or wants to do something, but can't do it. It is translated in English as 'Even if I try to..., I can't...' or 'Even if I want to..., I can't...'. It is usually used with potential form verbs.

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