Decoded Slug: Verbる べく (Verb-ru beku)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる べく (Verb-ru beku)

Verbる べく (Verb-ru beku)

Short explanation:

Expresses the meaning of 'in order to', 'for the purpose of'.


Verb-dictionary form + るべく


Seikou suru beku, hibi doryoku shiteimasu.
In order to succeed, I am working hard every day.
Kenkou wo iji suru beku, mainichi undou wo shiteimasu.
In order to maintain health, I exercise every day.
Kare wa gakui wo eru beku, mainichi benkyou shiteimasu.
He studies every day in order to get a degree.
Hayaku mokutekichi ni touchaku suru beku, takushii wo yobimashita.
I called a taxi in order to arrive at the destination quickly.

Long explanation:

The 'Verbる べく' is a grammar point used to indicate a strong intention or purpose of the speaker. It can be translated to 'in order to' or 'for the purpose of' in English. Most commonly, it’s used in written language rather than spoken.

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