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Decoded Slug: Verbる べくもない (Verb-ru beku mo nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる べくもない (Verb-ru beku mo nai)

Verbる べくもない (Verb-ru beku mo nai)

Short explanation:

Means 'it's impossible to...' or 'there's no way to...'


Verb-dictionary form + べくもない


Sono mondai wa totemo muzukashiku, toku beku mo nai.
That problem is so difficult, it's impossible to solve.
Kanojo wa amari ni hayaku hashitte, oitsuku beku mo nai.
She runs so fast, there's no way to catch up.
Shiken no hikkiyougu wo wasureta. Kaku beku mo nai.
I forgot the writing utensils for the test. It's impossible to write.
Kare wa totemo takaku tobu. Oikosu beku mo nai.
He jumps so high. There's no way to overtake.

Long explanation:

This grammar point is used when you want to express that something is impossible to do or there's no way to do something. The verb before 'べくもない' should be in its dictionary form.

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