Decoded Slug: Verbる までもない (〜ru made mo nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる までもない (〜ru made mo nai)

Verbる までもない (〜ru made mo nai)

Short explanation:

It's not necessary to the extent of; no need to.


Verb-る + までもない


Sonna ni shinpai suru made mo nai.
There's no need to worry that much.
Denwa suru made mo nai koto da.
It's not something you need to call about.
Chiisana shippai de akirameru made mo nai.
You don't need to give up over a small mistake.
Kono mondai wa, kaigi de hanashiau made mo nai.
This problem doesn't need to be discussed at a meeting.

Long explanation:

The 〜るまでもない grammar point is used to express the idea that something is not necessary to the extent of doing something. It can be translated as 'no need to' in English. This formation is mainly used with verbs.

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