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Decoded Slug: Verbる ものとする (〜ru mono to suru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる ものとする (〜ru mono to suru)

Verbる ものとする (〜ru mono to suru)

Short explanation:

Assuming or deciding something as...


Verb-dictionary form + ものとする


Koko de no hanashiai wa himitsu to suru mono to shimasu.
The discussions here are to be kept confidential.
Kono keiyaku wa ashita kara yuukou to suru mono to suru.
This contract is to become effective from tomorrow.
Kare wo chiimu no riidaa to suru mono to shimasu.
We will designate him as the team leader.
Kono ken ni tsuite wa shuuryou to suru mono to suru.
We will consider this matter closed.

Long explanation:

The ~るものとする grammar point is used to express a decision or assumption about something. It can be translated as 'assuming or deciding something as...' in English. The formation is joined directly to the dictionary form verb.

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