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Decoded Slug: Verbる 嫌いがある (~ru kirai ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる 嫌いがある (~ru kirai ga aru)

Verbる 嫌いがある (~ru kirai ga aru)

Short explanation:

Tendency to do a negative action; have a habit of.


Verb-dictionary form + 嫌いがある


Kanojo wa chikoku suru kirai ga aru.
She has a tendency to be late.
Watashi no chichi wa osake o nomisugiru kirai ga aru.
My father has a habit of drinking too much alcohol.
Kare wa mono o sugu wasureru kirai ga aru.
He has a tendency to forget things quickly.
Kanojo wa hito no hanashi o tochuu de kiru kirai ga aru.
She has a habit of interrupting people while they are speaking.

Long explanation:

The ~る嫌いがある grammar point is used to express a negative tendency or habit that someone has. It is often used to point out a negative habit or to criticize someone. This structure is made by attaching 嫌いがある to the verb in the dictionary form.

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