Decoded Slug: 다니다 [danida] (To attend, go regularly)

Korean Grammar Point
다니다 [danida] (To attend, go regularly)

다니다 [danida] (To attend, go regularly)

Short explanation:

Used to express the idea of 'attending' or 'going regularly'.


Noun + 다니다


저는 매일 아침 일찍 운동하러 체육관에 다니다가 습관이 되었어요, 그래서 체력이 좋아졌어요.
Jeoneun maeil achim iljjik undonghareo cheyukgane danidaga seubgwani doeeosseoyo, geureoseo cheryeogi joeajyeosseoyo.
I got into the habit of going to the gym early every morning for exercise, so my stamina improved.
수업을 듣기 위해 학생들은 매일 학교에 다녀야 합니다, 그래야 공부를 잘 할 수 있어요.
Sueobeul deutgi wihae haksaengdeureun maeil hakgyoe danyaeya hamnida, geuraeya gongbureul jal hal su isseoyo.
Students need to attend school every day in order to take classes, only then can they study well.
나는 친구들과 주말에 카페에 다니며 시간을 보냈어요, 그래서 소중한 추억들이 많아졌어요.
Naneun chingudeulgwa jumale kapee danimyeo siganeul bonaesseoyo, geureoseo sojunghan chueokdeuri manhajyeosseoyo.
I spent time going to cafes with my friends on weekends, so I have many precious memories.
이 회사에서 일하기 위해서는 매일 사무실에 다녀야 해요, 그래야 사무실 일을 처리할 수 있으니까요.
I hoesaeseo ilhagiwihaneneun maeil samusile danyaeya haeyo, geuraeya samusil ireul cheorihal su issnikkayo.
To work at this company you need to go to the office every day, as that's where you can handle office work.

Long explanation:

'다니다 [danida]' is a verb used in Korean to indicate a repeated and continuous action of going somewhere or doing something. It conveys a sense of habit or a regular routine, akin to 'attend' or 'go regularly' in English. It is used to emphasize the continuity or the regularity of an action and is often used in sentences to express an ongoing activity or habitual action.

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