Decoded Slug: 보다 [boda] (More than)

Korean Grammar Point
보다 [boda] (More than)

보다 [boda] (More than)

Short explanation:

Used to express comparison, meaning 'more than' or 'than'.


Noun/Verb/Adjective + 보다 + Noun/Verb/Adjective


저는 커피보다 차를 더 좋아합니다, 커피보다 차가 제 입맛에 더 잘 맞아요.
Jeoneun keopiboda chareul deo johahamnida, keopiboda chaga je ibmase deo jal majayo.
I prefer tea over coffee, tea suits my taste more than coffee.
우리 집은 도서관보다 책이 더 많아요, 가족 모두가 독서를 사랑해서 그렇게 됐어요.
Uri jibeun doseogwanboda chaegi deo manhayo, gajok moduga dokseoreul saranghaeseo geureohge dwaesseoyo.
We have more books at home than in a library, all because every member of our family loves reading.
한국어를 배우는 것은 중국어를 배우는 것보다 쉬워요, 필기와 발음이 더 단순하니까요.
Hangug-eoreul baeuneun geoseun junggugeoreul baeuneun geosboda swiwoyo, pilgiwa bal-eum-i deo dansunhanigga-yo.
Learning Korean is easier than learning Chinese, because the writing and pronunciation are simpler.
지금은 여름이지만, 여전히 봄보다 날씨가 추워요, 이상한 기후 변화 때문인 것 같아요.
Jigeum-eun yeoreum-ijiman, yeojeonhi bomboda nalssiga chuwoyo, isanghan gihu byeonhwa ttaemun-in geos gat-ayo.
It's summer now, but the weather is still colder than spring, it seems because of strange climate change.

Long explanation:

'보다 [boda]' is a comparative marker in Korean language. It is used to express comparison between two subjects or to indicate the superiority of one thing over another in certain aspects. The phrase before '보다' is superior in some way to the phrase after '보다'. In English, it features the same concept as 'more than' or 'than'.

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