Decoded Slug: 을/를 [eul/reul] (Object markers)

Korean Grammar Point
을/를 [eul/reul] (Object markers)

을/를 [eul/reul] (Object markers)

Short explanation:

Used to mark the object of a sentence in Korean.


Noun + 을/를 + Verb


저는 매일 아침에 커피를 마셔요.
Jeoneun maeil achime keopireul masyeoyo.
I drink coffee every morning.
저는 이 책을 읽고 있어요.
Jeoneun i chaekeul ilgo isseoyo.
I am reading this book.
영화를 보러 가고 싶어요.
Yeongwareul boreo gago sip-eoyo.
I want to go watch a movie.
우리는 그들을 돕고 싶어요.
Urineun geudeureul dobgo sip-eoyo.
We want to help them.

Long explanation:

'을/를 [eul/reul]' are object markers in Korean, indicating the object of an action in a sentence. They are the equivalents of 'it' or 'them' in English. They are used after a noun which is the object of the verb. They have no meaning on their own, but when attached to a noun, they signify that the noun is the object that the action of the verb is directed at.

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