Decoded Slug: 조금 [jogeum] (A little)

Korean Grammar Point
조금 [jogeum] (A little)

조금 [jogeum] (A little)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate a small amount or degree; 'a little', 'a bit'.


조금 + Verb/Adjective


기분이 안 좋아요, 조금 쉴 필요가 있어요.
Gibuni an joayo, jogeum swil piryoga isseoyo.
I'm not feeling well, I need to rest a bit.
방이 조금 어둡습니다, 불을 켜주세요.
Bangi jogeum eodubseubnida, bureul kyeojuseyo.
The room is a bit dark, please turn on the light.
짐이 너무 무거워요, 조금 줄여야 할 거 같아요.
Jimyi neomu mugeowoyo, jogeum julyeoya hal geo gatayo.
The luggage is too heavy, I think I need to lessen it a bit.
그녀는 한국어를 조금 알아요, 그래서 간단한 대화는 가능해요.
Geunyeoneun Hangugeoreul jogeum arayo, geuraeseo gandanhan daehwaneun ganeunghaeyo.
She knows a little Korean, so simple conversation is possible.

Long explanation:

'조금 [jogeum]' is a commonly used adverb in Korean language that indicates a small amount, quantity, or degree of something. It is equivalent to 'a little' or 'a bit' in English. It can be used with both action verbs and descriptive verbs to talk about lessening the intensity or nature of an action, state or characteristic. This word adds a nuance of reduction, moderation, or restraint.

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