Decoded Slug: ~거든요 [geondeunyo] (You see; Explaining)

Korean Grammar Point
~거든요 [geondeunyo] (You see; Explaining)

~거든요 [geondeunyo] (You see; Explaining)

Short explanation:

Used for explaining or giving background information to the listener.


Verb + 거든요 / Adjective + 거든요


나 학교에 오래전에 다녔거든요, 그래서 현재 교육 시스템이 어떻게 바뀌었는지 잘 모르겠어요.
Na hakgyoe oraejeone daningeondeunyo, geuraeseo hyeonjae gyoyuk siseutemi eotteoke bakkwinji jal moreugesseoyo.
You see, I attended school a long time ago, so I don't really know how the current educational system has changed.
제가 지각한 것은 버스가 늦었거든요, 그래서 시간을 맞추지 못했어요.
Jega jigaghan geoseun beoseuga neujeotgeondeunyo, geuraeseo siganeul matchuji motaesseoyo.
The reason I was late is because the bus was delayed, so I couldn't make it on time.
저는 커피를 마시지 않아요. 커피에 카페인이 많이 들어있거든요, 그래서 잠을 못 잡니다.
Jeoneun keopireul masiji anhayo. Keopie kapeini mani deureoitgeondeunyo, geuraeseo jameul mot japnida.
I don't drink coffee. You see, coffee contains a lot of caffeine, so it keeps me from sleeping.
하루종일 집에 있어서 지루해요. 날씨가 너무나도 춥거든요, 그래서 밖에 나갈 수 없어요.
Harujongil jibe isseoseo jiruhaeyo. Nalssiga neomunado chupgeondeunyo, geuraeseo bagge nagal su eopseoyo.
I'm bored being in the house all day. You see, the weather is so cold, so I can't go outside.

Long explanation:

'~거든요 [geondeunyo]' is a grammar point used in Korean language when the speaker wants to provide additional information or background to the listener, usually as an explanation or justification for a particular situation. It is used when the speaker believes the information might be new or surprising to the listener, or when the speaker wants to disclose personal feelings or thoughts. This expression is often used in casual conversation and is more commonly heard in spoken language than written.

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