Decoded Slug: ~기 전에 [gi jeone] (Before doing)

Korean Grammar Point
~기 전에 [gi jeone] (Before doing)

~기 전에 [gi jeone] (Before doing)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'before doing something'.


Verb in Dictionary form + 기 + 전에


저는 학교에 가기 전에 항상 아침 식사를 합니다.
Jeoneun hakgyoe gagi jeone hangsang achim siksa reul habnida.
I always have breakfast before going to school.
출발하기 전에 자세히 계획을 세우는 것이 중요합니다.
Chulbalhagi jeone jasehi gyehoegeul seweuneun geosi junghabnida.
It's important to plan carefully before leaving.
제가 카페에 가기 전에 당신의 주문을 알려주십시오.
Jega kapee gagi jeone dangsinui jumuneul allyeojusipsio.
Let me know your order before I go to the cafe.
시험을 치르기 전에, 그 주제에 대해 충분히 공부를 해야합니다.
Sihumeul chirugi jeone, geu jujee daehae chungbunhi gongbureul haeyahabnida.
Before taking the test, you must study enough about that topic.

Long explanation:

'~기 전에 [gi jeone]' is a grammatical structure in Korean used for expressing an action that occurs prior to another action, essentially meaning 'before doing something'. It is a way to indicate that one action happens before another action and is usually used with a verb in order to describe a chronological sequence of events in the past, present, or future.

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