Decoded Slug: ~기에는 [gieneun] (For, in order to)

Korean Grammar Point
~기에는 [gieneun] (For, in order to)

~기에는 [gieneun] (For, in order to)

Short explanation:

Used for expressing purposes or intentions ('for', 'in order to').


Verb stem + 기에는


토픽 시험을 통과하기에는 더 많이 공부해야 해요.
Topik siheomeul tonggwahagieneun deo mani gongbuhaeya haeyo.
I need to study more in order to pass the TOPIK test.
학교에 늦지 않기에는 아침 일찍 일어나야 돼요.
Hakgyoe neujji anhgieneun achim iljjik ireonaya dwaeyo.
I have to wake up early in the morning in order not to be late for school.
자동차를 사기에는 더 많은 돈을 모아야 해요.
Jadongchareul sagieneun deo maneun doneul moaya haeyo.
I need to save more money in order to buy a car.
달리기 대회에서 이기기에는 매일 연습해야 합니다.
Dalligi daehoeeseo igigieneun maeil yeonseubhaeya habnida.
I need to practice every day in order to win the running competition.

Long explanation:

'기에는 [gieneun]' is a grammar structure used in Korean to express purpose or intention, similar to 'for' or 'in order to' in English. This verb ending is used when one is planning or preparing to do something, or when one is indicating an aim or goal. By including this grammar point, the speaker provides the reasoning behind the main action of the sentence.

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