Decoded Slug: ~남짓 [namjit] (About, around)

Korean Grammar Point
~남짓 [namjit] (About, around)

~남짓 [namjit] (About, around)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate an approximate number or amount; 'about', 'around'.


Number + 남짓


저는 이 책을 100페이지 남짓 읽었어요, 아직 많이 남아서 더 읽어야 할 것 같아요.
Jeoneun i chaeg'eul 100peiji namjit ilgeosseoyo, ajik mani namaseo deo ilgeo-ya hal geot gat-ayo.
I have read about 100 pages of this book, I still have a lot left and I think I should read more.
여기서 서울까지는 100km 남짓 거리가 있어요, 차로 가면 1시간 정도 걸려요.
Yeogiseo seoulkkajineun 100km namjit georiga isseoyo, chalo gamyeon 1sigan jeongdo geollyeoyo.
It's about 100km from here to Seoul, it takes about 1 hour by car.
오늘은 사람이 5000명 남짓 모여서 큰 축제를 즐겼어요.
Oneul-eun saram-i 5000myeong namjit mo-yeoseo keun chug-jeleul jeulg-eosseoyo.
Today, about 5,000 people gathered and enjoyed a big festival.
내가 지금까지 읽은 책은 대략 200권 남짓이에요.
Naega jigeumkkaji ilgeun chaeg-eun daelag 200gweon namjis-ieyo.
I have read about 200 books so far.

Long explanation:

'~남짓 [namjit]' is a suffix in Korean that is used to indicate an approximate number or quantity, similar to terms like 'about' or 'around' in English. It is attached to the end of numerals and it indicates that the exact number may be a little more or less, but the given number is an adequate approximation. It is generally used in more informal or casual contexts.

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