Decoded Slug: ~남짓 [namjit] (About, or so)

Korean Grammar Point
~남짓 [namjit] (About, or so)

~남짓 [namjit] (About, or so)

Short explanation:

Used to mean 'about' or 'approximately' when expressing quantities, amounts, or time.


Quantity/Amount + 남짓


제가 이 책을 읽는데 일주일남짓 걸렸어요.
Jega i chaeg-eul ilgneunde ilju-ilnamjit geollyeosseoyo.
It took me about a week to read this book.
이번 여행에 10만원남짓 썼어요.
Ibeon yeohaeng-e 10manwonnamjit sseosseoyo.
On this trip, I spent about 100,000 won.
아이들이 학교에 도착하기까지 10분남짓 걸린 것 같아요.
Aideuli hakgyo-e dochak-hagikkaji 10bunnamjit geollin geos gat-ayo.
I think it took the children about 10 minutes to get to school.
회사에서 집까지 걸어서 한 시간남짓 걸려요.
Hoesa-esoe jipkkaji geoleoseo han shigan namjit geollyeoyo.
It takes me about an hour to walk from the office to home.

Long explanation:

'~남짓 [namjit]' is a Korean grammar point used to indicate an approximate amount, quantity, or duration of time. It fits the English equivalent of 'about' or 'approximately'. It's often used when you don't know or need to provide the exact number but a general estimation.

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