Decoded Slug: ~는 대로 [neun daero] (As it is)

Korean Grammar Point
~는 대로 [neun daero] (As it is)

~는 대로 [neun daero] (As it is)

Short explanation:

'~는 대로' is used to state that something is done exactly as it is or as it is told.


[Verb stem] + 는 대로


제가 말하는 대로 정확히 따라해 주세요, 그렇게 하면 실패할 가능성이 낮아질 것입니다.
Jega malhaneun daero jeonghwakhi ttarahae juseyo, geureohge hamyeon silpaehal ganeungseongi najajil geosibnida.
Please follow exactly as I say, doing so will lower the chance of failure.
이 설명서에 적힌 대로 장난감을 조립하면 어려움 없이 완성할 수 있습니다.
I seolmyeongseoe jeoghin daero jangnangameul jo-riphamyeon eoryeoum eobsi wanseonghal su issseubnida.
If you assemble the toy as written in these instructions, you can complete it without difficulty.
그는 부모님이 가르치는 대로 모든 것을 해왔고, 그 노력 덕분에 충분히 성공적인 삶을 살고 있습니다.
Geuneun bumonim-i gareuchineun daero modeun geoseul haewatgo, geu noryeok deogbun-e chungbunhi seong-gongjeog-in salm-eul salgo issseubnida.
He has done everything as his parents taught him, and thanks to his efforts, he is living a sufficiently successful life.
음악을 들을 때는 가수가 부르는 대로 따라 부르는게 제일 재미있어요.
Eumageul deureul ttaeneun gasuga bureuneun daero ttara bureuneunge jeil jaemiisseoyo.
When listening to music, it's most fun to sing along just the way the singer does.

Long explanation:

The '~는 대로 [neun daero]' structure is used to express a sense of doing something exactly as it is, as it exists or as stated, emphasizing that no alteration, distortion or difference has occurred. It can also suggest that someone is doing or should do things strictly as they were told, hence focusing on following instructions or maintaining the original state of something.

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