Decoded Slug: ~는다는 것 [neundaneun geot] (The fact that)

Korean Grammar Point
~는다는 것 [neundaneun geot] (The fact that)

~는다는 것 [neundaneun geot] (The fact that)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'the fact that' or 'the meaning that' when referring to or summarizing someone's opinion or statement.


Verb-는다 + 는 것


그가 학교를 다닌다는 것은 진짜 열심히 공부하고 있다는 것을 보여주는 증거예요.
Geuga hakgyoreul danindaneun geoseun jinjja yeolsimhi gongbuago itsdaneun geoseul boyeoju-neun jeunggeo-eyo.
The fact that he is attending school shows evidence that he is really studying hard.
우리가 서로를 이해한다는 것은 정말 중요한 관계를 만들어 가는데 필요한 일이에요.
Uriga seororeul ihaehandaneun geoseun jeongmal jungyohan gwangye-reul mandeureo ganede pilyohan iri-eyo.
The fact that we understand each other is a necessary part of building a really important relationship.
나는 내 친구가 큰 성공을 거두었다는 것을 알고 참 기뻤어요.
Naneun nae chingu-ga keun seonggongeul geodueotsdaneun geoseul alko cham gippesseoyo.
I was very happy to know the fact that my friend has achieved great success.
그가 운동을 좋아한다는 것은 건강을 위해 노력한다는 것을 의미해요.
Geuga undongeul johahandaneun geoseun geongangeul wihae noryeokhandaneun geoseul euimihaeyo.
The fact that he likes exercise means that he is making an effort for his health.

Long explanation:

The '~는다는 것 [neundaneun geot]' construction in Korean is used to convey 'the fact that' or 'the meaning that'. It can be used to refer to someone's words, thoughts, or statements, or to summarize the speaker's own thoughts or statements. It is commonly used in discussions or explanations to introduce new information or to revisit previously stated information in a concise way.

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