Decoded Slug: ~는지라 [neunjira] (Because, since)

Korean Grammar Point
~는지라 [neunjira] (Because, since)

~는지라 [neunjira] (Because, since)

Short explanation:

Used to express the reason or cause, 'because', 'since'.


verb/adjective stem + 는지라


그녀가 너무 열심히 공부하는지라 숙제도 항상 완벽하게 해.
geunyeoga neomu yeolsimhi gongbuhaneunjira sukwedo hangsang wanbyeokhage hae.
She always does her homework perfectly because she studies so hard.
날씨가 너무 추운지라 학교에 가고 싶지 않아.
nalssiga neomu chwounjira hakgyoe gagosipjianha.
I do not want to go to school because the weather is too cold.
아기가 아프는지라 온밤을 잠을 이루지 못했습니다.
agiga apeuneunjira onbameureul jameul iruji mothaetseumnida.
I couldn't sleep all night because the baby was sick.
이번 주에 많은 일이 있어서 너무 바쁜지라 휴식 시간이 전혀 없었습니다.
ibeon jue manheun iri isseo neomu bappunjira hyusik sigani jeonhyeo eopsseotseumnida.
I was so busy with a lot of work this week, so I had no time to rest.

Long explanation:

'~는지라 [neunjira]' is an expression used in Korean to emphasize the reason or cause of a situation, akin to 'because' or 'since' in English. This pattern conveys that the state or fact expressed in the preceding clause is the cause or reason of the situation or action expressed in the following clause. It is often used when emphasizing that the cause indicated is severe, unpredictable, or unavoidable.

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