Decoded Slug: ~라든지 ~라든지 [radenji radenji] (Either or)

Korean Grammar Point
~라든지 ~라든지 [radenji radenji] (Either or)

~라든지 ~라든지 [radenji radenji] (Either or)

Short explanation:

Used to list two or more items without specifying the exact option, similar to 'either or' in English.


Noun/Verb+라든지 + Noun/Verb+라든지


오늘 저녁에는 피자라든지 치킨라든지 뭐든지 주문해 먹을 거예요.
Oneul jeonyeogeneun pizara denji chikinira denji mweo denji jumunhae meogeul geo yeyo.
For dinner tonight, I'm going to order something, could be pizza or chicken or anything.
당신이 필요로 하는 것이 뭐든지, 컴퓨터라든지, 책이라든지, 저는 준비할 수 있어요.
Dangsin i pilyoro haneun geosi mwo deunji, keompyuteo radenji, chae gi radenji, jeoneun junbi hal su isseoyo.
Whatever you need, whether it's a computer or a book, I can prepare it.
운동하러 갈까 생각 중인데, 달리기라든지 수영이라든지 뭐라든지 좋아요.
Undong hareo galkka saeng gak jung inde, dali gi radenji su yeongira denji mwo ra denji joayo.
I'm thinking about going to exercise, either running, swimming, anything would be fine.
1위를 차지할 수 있는 사람은 나라든지 당신이라든지 누군가 될 거예요.
Il wi reul chaji hal su iss neun saram eun na radenji dangsin iradenji nugun ga doel geo yeyo.
The person who can take the first place will either be you or I or someone.

Long explanation:

'~라든지 ~라든지 [radenji radenji]' is a conjunctive expression used in Korean to list alternative options or possibilities, without indicating a preference for one over others. It's akin to 'either or' in English. It can be used when the speaker does not know, does not wish to specify, or it does not matter which option will be chosen among the listed.

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