Decoded Slug: ~라면서 [ramyeonseo] (While saying that)

Korean Grammar Point
~라면서 [ramyeonseo] (While saying that)

~라면서 [ramyeonseo] (While saying that)

Short explanation:

Used to express an action or state that contradict what one has said previously.


Verb/Djective in past tense + 라면서


그가 공부를 하겠다라면서 계속 게임을 하고 있어요.
Geuga gongbureul hagetsdaramyeonseo gyesok geimeul hago isseoyo.
While he says he will study, he keeps playing games.
그녀는 돈을 절약하겠다라면서 지금 쇼핑을 하러 가고 있어요.
Geunyeoneun doneul jeolyaghagetsdaramyeonseo jigeum syopingeul hareo gago isseoyo.
While promising to save money, she is going shopping now.
나는 다이어트를 해야 한다라면서 매일 달콤한 음식을 먹고 있어요.
Naneun daieoteureul haeya haramyeonseo maeil dalkomhan eumsigeul meokgo isseoyo.
While I say I have to diet, I eat sweet food every day.
우리 아버지는 흡연을 그만두겠다라면서 아직도 담배를 피우고 있어요.
Uri abeojineun heubyoneul geumandugetsdaramyeonseo ajikdo dambaereul piugo isseoyo.
Despite my father's promise to quit smoking, he is still smoking.

Long explanation:

'~라면서 [ramyeonseo]' is a Korean grammar used to express an act or state that contradicts what has been stated by oneself or by someone else. It is used when the speaker's or someone else's action contradicts the previous statement. This pattern can also be used to denote that something was said and remain unchanged.

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