Decoded Slug: ~라서 [raseo] (Because, so)

Korean Grammar Point
~라서 [raseo] (Because, so)

~라서 [raseo] (Because, so)

Short explanation:

Used to express reason or cause, 'because', 'so'.


Verb + ~라서 [raseo]


아침에 일찍 일어나서 피곤해요, 그래서 커피 한 잔을 마셨어요.
Achime iljjik ireonaseo pigonhaeyo, geuraeseo keopi han janeul masyeosseoyo.
I'm tired because I woke up early in the morning, so I had a cup of coffee.
감기가 아파서 병원에 갈 수밖에 없었어요, 그리고 약을 많이 복용했어요.
Gamgiga apaseo byongwone gal subakke eopseosseoyo, geurigo yageul mani bogyonghaesseoyo.
I had to go to the hospital because my cold was so bad, and I took a lot of medicine.
시험을 잘 보지 못해서 점수가 낮았어요, 그래서 다시 열심히 공부해야해요.
Siheomeul jal boji moshaeseo jeomsuga najasseoyo, geuraeseo dasi yeolsimhi gongbuhaeyahaeyo.
I got a low score because I didn't do well in the exam, so I have to study hard again.
버스가 많이 지체되었어요, 그래서 회의가 시작된 후에 도착했어요.
Beoseuga mani jichedweosseoyo, geuraeseo hoeuiga sijakdoen hue dochakhaesseoyo.
The bus was severely delayed, so I arrived after the meeting had started.

Long explanation:

'~라서 [raseo]' is a Korean grammar form used to express a reason or cause. It directly connects to the preceding clause or sentence, indicating the cause or reason for what follows. This grammar point conveys the idea of 'because' or 'so' in English.

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