Decoded Slug: ~로써 [rossyeo] (By means of)

Korean Grammar Point
~로써 [rossyeo] (By means of)

~로써 [rossyeo] (By means of)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate a role or means used to achieve something.


Noun + 로써


제가 학생으로써 선생님께서 알려주신 것을 모두 이해했습니다.
Jega haksangrosyeo seonsaengnimggeseo allyeojusin geoseul modu ihaehaessseubnida.
As a student, I understood everything the teacher explained.
바이올리니스트로써 그녀는 세계적으로 인정받았습니다.
Ba-iollinisseuteurorsyeo geunyeoneun segyejeogeuro injeongbadassseubnida.
As a violinist, she has gained worldwide recognition.
나는 엔지니어로써 이 문제를 해결할 수 있습니다.
Naneun enjinieorosyeo i munjeleul haegyeolhal su issseubnida.
As an engineer, I can solve this problem.
지도자로써 그는 팀을 잘 이끌고 있습니다.
Jidojarosyeo geuneun timeul jal ikkeulgo itsseubnida.
As a leader, he is leading the team well.

Long explanation:

'~로써 [rossyeo]' is a grammar point in Korean which is equivalent to 'by means of' or 'as' in English. This form is employed when expressing the identity, status, or capacity in which the action in the sentence is performed. It is used mainly after nouns and emphasizes the role or way in which something is done.

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