Decoded Slug: ~만큼 [mankeum] (As much as)

Korean Grammar Point
~만큼 [mankeum] (As much as)

~만큼 [mankeum] (As much as)

Short explanation:

This pattern is used to show the extent or degree of something or to compare two things.


Noun + 만큼 | Verb + 을 만큼


당신이 좋아하면 그만큼 저도 좋아합니다, 감정은 항상 상호적인 것이니까요.
Dangsini joahamyeon geumankeum jeodo joahamnida, gamjeongeun hangsang sanghojeokin geosinikka.
As much as you like, I like it too, because emotions are always reciprocal.
우리 아버지는 젊을 때만큼 빠르게 달리지는 못하지만 여전히 체력이 좋아요.
Uri abeojineun jeolmeul ttaemankeum ppareuge dallijineun motajiman yeojeonhi cheryeogi joayo.
My father can't run as fast as he did when he was young, but he still has good stamina.
이 책은 읽을수록 좋아요, 책의 뒷 부분을 보면 앞 부분만큼 흥미로워요.
I chaek-eun ilgeulsurok joayo, chaek-ui dwit bu-bun-eul bomyeon ap bu-bunmankeum heungmirowoyo.
The more you read this book, the better it gets, the back of the book is as interesting as the front part.
당신이 얼마나 노력하느냐에 따라 성공할 수 있는 가능성이 그만큼 높아집니다.
Dangsini eolmana noryeokhaneunyae ddara seonggonghal su issneun ganeungseong-i geumankeum nopajimnida.
The more effort you put in, the higher the chance of success.

Long explanation:

'~만큼 [mankeum]' is a grammar point used to express 'as much as' or 'equivalent to' in English. It allows you to compare two things and denote that one thing is done or is to the extent as the other. This grammar point is often used to express comparison, equivalence or proportionality.

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