Decoded Slug: ~밖에 [bakke] (Only, nothing but)

Korean Grammar Point
~밖에 [bakke] (Only, nothing but)

~밖에 [bakke] (Only, nothing but)

Short explanation:

Expresses the meanings of 'only' or 'nothing but', emphasizing that there is nothing else aside from what is commented.


Noun + 밖에 + Negative verb


나는 커피밖에 마시지 않아. 다른 음료를 마실 필요가 없어서.
Naneun keopibakke masiji ana. Dareun eumryo-reul masil pilyo-ga eopseo-seo.
I drink nothing but coffee. I don't need to drink other beverages.
이 시험을 준비하기 위해 나밖에 없는 것 같아. 다른 사람들은 준비하지 않았어.
I siheom-eul junbi-hagi wihae na bakke eomneun geos gata. Dareun saram-deul-eun junbi-haji anh-ass-eo.
It seems like I'm the only one preparing for this exam. The other people didn't prepare.
그녀는 자신의 생일밖에 기억하지 못해. 다른 중요한 일자들은 잊어버렸어.
Geunyeo-neun jasin-ui saeng-il bakke gieok-haji mot-hae. Dareun jung-yohan ilja-deul-eun ij-eobeoryeot-eo.
She can't remember anything but her own birthday. She has forgotten all the other important dates.
나는 피자밖에 안 먹었어. 다른 음식은 맛이 없어서.
Naneun pizza bakke an meogeoss-eo. Dareun eumsik-eun mas-i eopseoseo.
I ate nothing but pizza. The other foods didn't taste good.

Long explanation:

'~밖에 [bakke]' is a particle used in Korean language to emphasize that there is nothing else aside from what is being commented. It is typically used with negative verbs to give meanings of 'only', or 'nothing but'. It expresses a sense of exclusivity or limitation, indicating the absence of any other choices or alternatives.

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