Decoded Slug: ~부터 [buteo] (From)

Korean Grammar Point
~부터 [buteo] (From)

~부터 [buteo] (From)

Short explanation:

Used to express the starting point in time or space; 'from', 'since'.


Noun + ~부터


저는 아침 7시부터 일하러 가요.
Jeoneun achim ilgopsibuteo ilhareo gayo.
I go to work from 7 in the morning.
이번 주말부터 여행을 계획하려고 합니다.
Ibeon jumalbuteo yeohaengeul gyehoekharyeogo habnida.
I'm planning to travel starting from this weekend.
서울부터 부산까지 기차로 몇 시간 걸리나요?
Seoulbuteo Busanggaji gicharo myeot shigan geollinayo?
How many hours does it take by train from Seoul to Busan?
2012년부터 코리아를 사랑하게 됐어요.
Ichoninishiimbuteo korialeul saranghage dwaesseoyo.
I've loved Korea starting from 2012.

Long explanation:

'~부터 [buteo]' is a postposition in Korean that is used to mark the starting point of an action, event, or situation in time or space. In English, it is equivalent to 'from' or 'since'. It is used to specify the beginning of a period of time, the starting point of an activity, or the original location from where something begins or originates.

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