Decoded Slug: ~사이에서 [saieseo] (Between)

Korean Grammar Point
~사이에서 [saieseo] (Between)

~사이에서 [saieseo] (Between)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate 'between' or 'among'.


Noun + 사이에서


어느 색깔을 고를까요? 파란색과 빨간색 사이에서 너무 힘든 선택이에요.
Eoneu saekkareul goreulkka yo? Paran saekkwa bbalgan saek saieseo neomu himdeun seontae i eyo.
Which color should I choose? It's a tough choice between blue and red.
성수동과 건대 사이에서 카페를 찾고 있어요.
Seong sudonggwa geon dae saieseo kape reul chat go isseoyo.
I'm looking for a cafe between Seongsu-dong and Konkuk University.
올해 여름동안, 둘 사이에서 결정을 내려야 합니다: 여행을 갈지 아니면 집에서 쉴지.
Olhae yeoreum dongan, dul saieseo gyeoljeongeul naeryeoya habnida: yeohaengeul galji animyeon jibeseo swilji.
Between the two, I have to make a decision this summer: whether to travel or rest at home.
10살과 15살 사이에서 가장 좋아하는 영화를 선택해야했어요.
Ship sal gwa sip-oship sal saieseo gajang johahaneun yeonghwaleul seontaekhaeya haesseoyo.
I had to choose my favorite movie between the ages of 10 and 15.

Long explanation:

'~사이에서 [saieseo]' is a Korean postposition used to denote 'between' or 'among'. It is utilized to specify a position within a certain range or the selection between multiple options. When used with numbers, this grammar point indicates a range between two different numbers. For decisions made among many choices, the grammar point is also valid when paired with a corresponding verb.

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