Decoded Slug: ~아/어야지 [a/eoyaji] (I should, I better)

Korean Grammar Point
~아/어야지 [a/eoyaji] (I should, I better)

~아/어야지 [a/eoyaji] (I should, I better)

Short explanation:

Used to express the speaker's determination or intention; 'I should' or 'I better'.


Verbal stem + 아/어야지 (When the final vowel in the stem is 아/오, we use 아야지 otherwise we use 어야지)


너무 늦었어, 이제 집에 가야지.
Neomu neujeosseo, ije jibe gayaji.
It's too late, I should go home now.
이번에는 정말로 다이어트를 해야지.
Ibeoneneun jeongmallo daieoteureul haeyaji.
This time, I really should go on a diet.
내일은 일찍 일어나서 운동해야지.
Naeireun iljjik ileonaseo undonghaeyaji.
I should wake up early and exercise tomorrow.
과제가 많이 쌓였어, 이제부터 열심히 해야지.
Gwajega manhi ssahyeosseo, ijeubuteo yeolsimhi haeyaji.
I’ve piled up lots of assignments, I should really start working hard from now on.

Long explanation:

'~아/어야지 [a/eoyaji]' is a Korean language grammar point that expresses the speaker’s determination or intention. It means 'I should, or I had better' and reflects the speaker's resolve to do a certain action. It is often used when the speaker makes a self-suggestion or when the speaker decides to do something in the future. It can also be used in a rhetorical situation to convince or encourage oneself.

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