Decoded Slug: ~않게 [anhge] (So as not to)

Korean Grammar Point
~않게 [anhge] (So as not to)

~않게 [anhge] (So as not to)

Short explanation:

Used to express the intention of not to do something or avoid a certain situation.


Verb stem + 않게


어떤 일이 일어나도 충분히 대비할 수 있게 항상 계획을 세우세요.
Eoddeon iri ireonado chungbunhi daebihal su issgae hangsang gyehoegeul sewuseyo.
Always make a plan so that you can be fully prepared no matter what happens.
아무도 당황하지 않게 시간을 정확하게 준수해야 합니다.
Amudo danghwanghaji anhge siganeul jeonghwakhage junsuhaeya hamnida.
We need to keep time precisely so that no one is flustered.
늦지 않게 학교에 도착하려면 일찍 출발해야 합니다.
Neujji anhge hakgyoe dochakharyeomyeon iljjik chulbalhaeya hamnida.
To arrive to school on time, you should leave early.
자신을 다치게 하지 않게 조심하려면 안전 지침을 따라야 합니다.
Jasineul dachige haji anhge josimharyeomyeon anjeon gichimeul ddaraya hamnida.
To avoid hurting yourself, you should follow the safety guidelines.

Long explanation:

'~않게 [anhge]' is a grammar construction in Korean used to express the speaker's intention of preventing a certain action, situation, or condition from happening, or their purpose to refrain from doing something. This is somewhat similar to the expression 'so as not to' in English. This gramamtical form is typically used with verbs.

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