Decoded Slug: ~았/었던 것 같다 [at/eotdeon geot gatda] (It seemed that)

Korean Grammar Point
~았/었던 것 같다 [at/eotdeon geot gatda] (It seemed that)

~았/었던 것 같다 [at/eotdeon geot gatda] (It seemed that)

Short explanation:

Used to express that something appeared or seemed a certain way in the past.


Verb in past tense + ~았/었던 것 같다


그녀는 매우 행복했던 것 같아요, 항상 미소를 짓고 있었어요.
Geunyeoneun ma-u haengbokhaetdeon geot gat-a-yo, hangsang misoreul jitgo isseosseoyo.
She seemed very happy, she was always smiling.
그 날은 들어보지 못했던 노래를 들었던 것 같아요, 그 노래는 아직도 머릿속에 있어요.
Geu nar-eun deul-eoboji moshan nolaeleul deuleossdeon geot gat-a-yo, geu nolae-neun ajik-do meolissog-e iss-eo-yo.
That day, I think I heard a song I hadn’t heard before, that song is still in my head.
저는 아주 오래전에 이곳을 방문했던 것 같아요, 건물들이 익숙해 보여요.
Jeoneun aju oraejeon-e igot-eul bangmunhaetdeon geot gat-a-yo, geonmuldeul-i ik-sukhae boyeoyo.
I think I visited this place a very long time ago, the buildings look familiar.
오늘이 일요일인 줄 알았던 것 같아요, 하지만 사실은 토요일이었어요.
Oneul-i ilyoil-in jul al-assdeon geot gat-a-yo, hajiman sasil-eun toyoil-ieoss-eo-yo.
I think I mistakenly thought it was Sunday, but actually it was Saturday.

Long explanation:

The phrase '~았/었던 것 같다 [at/eotdeon geot gatda]' is used in Korean to express the speaker's recollection or speculation of a past situation. It can be translated as 'it seemed that', 'it looked as if' or 'I think that' in English. It's often used in sentences to express an unsure memory or a vague impression about something that happened in the past.

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