Decoded Slug: ~을/ㄹ 줄 알다 [eul/l jul alda] (Know how to)

Korean Grammar Point
~을/ㄹ 줄 알다 [eul/l jul alda] (Know how to)

~을/ㄹ 줄 알다 [eul/l jul alda] (Know how to)

Short explanation:

This grammar point is used to indicate that someone knows how to do something or knows that something is the case.


Verb in Dictionary Form + 을/ㄹ 줄 알다


제가 한글을 읽을 줄 알아요, 그래서 한국 드라마를 자막 없이 볼 수 있어요.
Jega hangeureul ilgeul jul arayo, geuraeseo hanguk deurameul jamak eopsi bol su isseoyo.
I know how to read Hangul, so I can watch Korean dramas without subtitles.
아빠가 요리를 잘할 줄 알았어요, 하지만 어제 저녁 만들 때 문제가 많이 생겼어요.
Appaga yorireul jall jul arasseoyo, hajiman eoje jeonyeok mandeul ttae munjega mani saenggyeosseoyo.
I thought Dad knew how to cook well, but there were many problems when he made dinner last night.
저는 그녀가 한국인이라는 것을 줄 알았어요, 그래서 그녀에게 한국어로 말했어요.
Jeoneun geunyeoga hangukiniran geoseul jul arasseoyo, geuraeseo geunyeoege hangugeo-ro malhaesseoyo.
I knew that she was Korean, so I spoke to her in Korean.
우리 강아지는 명령을 따를 줄 알아요, 그래서 잘 훈련된 강아지라고 생각해요.
Uri gangajineun myeonglyeongeul ttarul jul arayo, geuraeseo jal hullyuendoen gangajirago saenggakhaeyo.
Our puppy knows how to follow commands, so I think it's well trained.

Long explanation:

'~을/ㄹ 줄 알다 [eul/l jul alda]' is used when the speaker wants to indicate that someone, often themselves, knows how to do a certain action, or is aware that something is the case. It can be translated as 'know how to' or 'know that' in English. It implies an understanding of how to perform a skill or an awareness of a certain fact or situation.

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