Decoded Slug: ~을/를 통해 [eul/reul tonghae] (Through, via)

Korean Grammar Point
~을/를 통해 [eul/reul tonghae] (Through, via)

~을/를 통해 [eul/reul tonghae] (Through, via)

Short explanation:

Used to express the means, method, or channel through which something is done, achieved, or communicated.


Noun + 을/를 통해


저는 한국어를 드라마를 통해 배웠어요, 그래서 의미를 더 잘 이해할 수 있었어요.
Jeoneun hangugeoreul deurameul tonghae baeweosseoyo, geuraeseo uimireul deo jal ihaehal su isseosseoyo.
I learned Korean through dramas, so I could understand the meanings better.
우리는 이메일을 통해 회의 일정을 조정했어요, 그래서 시간 관리가 더 효율적이었어요.
Urineun imeireul tonghae hoeui iljeongeul jojeonghaesseoyo, geuraeseo sigan gwanriga deo hyoyuljeogieosseoyo.
We adjusted the meeting schedule via email, so time management was more efficient.
그는 음악을 통해 자신의 감정을 표현하곤 해요, 음악은 그에게 가장 효과적인 소통 방법이에요.
Geuneun eumageul tonghae jasinui gamjeongeul pyohyeonghagon haeyo, eumageun geuege gajang hyogwajeogin sotong bangbeobieyo.
He often expresses his feelings through music, music is the most effective form of communication for him.
사진을 통해 우리는 다른 사람들의 일상생활을 이해하고 공감할 수 있어요.
Sajineul tonghae urineun dareun saramdeuri ilsaenghwareul ihaehago gonggamhal su isseoyo.
Through photos, we can understand and empathize with other people's daily lives.

Long explanation:

'~을/를 통해 [eul/reul tonghae]' is a postposition used in Korean to show that something is done, achieved, or communicated through a particular method, medium, or channel. It is used to specify the way how something is done, or the conduit through which information or action is transmitted. This grammar point essentially translates to 'through' or 'via' in English, indicating the process or medium involved.

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