Decoded Slug: ~이든 [ideun] (Either or)

Korean Grammar Point
~이든 [ideun] (Either or)

~이든 [ideun] (Either or)

Short explanation:

Used to present two or more choices; 'either', 'or'.


(Noun/Adjective/Verb) + 이든


피자든 파스타든 무엇을 먹어도 좋아요, 둘 다 맛있으니까요.
Pijadeun pasteudeun mueoseul meogeodo joayo, dul da masisseunikka yo.
Either pizza or pasta, anything is good to eat because they both are delicious.
운동이든 요가든 모든 활동이 건강에 좋아요.
Undongideun yogadeun modeun hwaldongi geongange joayo.
Either exercise or yoga, all activities are good for health.
친구들하고 영화보기이든, 책을 읽는 것이든 저는 행복해요.
Chingudeulhago yeonghwabogideun, chaeg eul ilgneun geosideun jeoneun haengboakhaeyo.
Either watching movies with friends, or reading a book, I am happy.
떡볶이이든, 부대찌개든 저는 둘다 좋아하는 음식입니다.
Tteokbokkiideun, budaejjigaedeun jeoneun duldaneun joahaneun eumsigibnida.
Either tteokbokki or budae jjigae, both are foods that I like.

Long explanation:

'~이든 [ideun]' is a connecting ending used in Korean to present two or more alternatives or choices. It is analogous to 'either', 'or' in English. It's commonly used when the speaker doesn't care about which choice is chosen and all the options presented are equally acceptable.

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