Decoded Slug: ~이라면 그것은 [iramyeon geugeoseun] (If it’s called)

Korean Grammar Point
~이라면 그것은 [iramyeon geugeoseun] (If it’s called)

~이라면 그것은 [iramyeon geugeoseun] (If it’s called)

Short explanation:

This grammar point is used when you describe or explain something in detail if it's called a certain way or if it's defined as something.


Subject + 이라면 그것은 + Detailed Description


사랑이라면 그것은 상대방을 배려하고 이해해 주는 것을 말한다.
Sarangiramyeon geugeoseun sangdaebangeul baeryeohago ihaehaejuneun geoseul maldanda.
If it's called love, it means showing care and understanding towards the other person.
자유라면 그것은 자신의 생각과 말을 제한받지 않는 것이다.
Jayuramyeon geugeoseun jasinui saenggakwa malul jehanbadji antneun geosida.
If it's called freedom, it means not having your thoughts and words restricted.
친구라면 그것은 서로를 이해하고 도와주는 사이를 말한다.
Chinguramyeon geugeoseun seororeul ihaehago dowajuneun saireul maldanda.
If it's called a friend, that refers to a relationship where you understand each other and provide help.
성공이라면 그것은 목표를 달성하고 자신의 꿈을 이룬 것을 말한다.
Seonggongiramyeon geugeoseun mokpyoreul dalhagong jasinui kkumeul irun geoseul maldanda.
If it's called success, it refers to achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

Long explanation:

The term '~이라면 그것은 [iramyeon geugeoseun]' is a compositional grammar point in Korean that is typically utilized in the defining or explaining of a subject. It is roughly equivalent to 'If it's called...' in English. In essence, it is a method of introducing, defining, or explaining something if it's referred to or defined in a particular way. It often precedes a more detailed or comprehensive description of a particular subject matter.

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