Decoded Slug: ~정도 [jeongdo] (About, Approximately)

Korean Grammar Point
~정도 [jeongdo] (About, Approximately)

~정도 [jeongdo] (About, Approximately)

Short explanation:

Used to express approximation or manner; 'about', 'approximately'.


Noun + Approximate Quantity/Amount + 정도


이 문제를 해결하는 데는 한 시간쯤 정도 걸릴 것 같아요.
I munjeleul haegyolhaneun dedeun han siganjjeum jeongdo geollil geot gatayo.
It is expected to take about an hour or so to solve this problem.
진짜로 영화를 봤다면 네 시간 정도가 걸렸을 것이에요.
Jinjjalo yeonghwaleul bwatdamyeon ne sigan jeongdoge geollyeosseul geosieyo.
If you really watched the movie, it would have taken about four hours.
이 과제를 완료하려면 한 달 정도의 시간이 필요합니다.
I gwajeleul wanlyohamyeon han dal jeongdoeui sigani pilyohabnida.
Completing this assignment requires about a month's time.
그의 성과를 평가하려면 최소한 10가지 이상의 요소를 고려해야 하고, 이것은 대략 한 시간 정도의 시간을 요구합니다.
Geuui seonggwareul pyeonggahamyeon choesohwan 10gaji isangui yosoreul goleohaeya hago, igeoseun daerak han sigan jeongdoeui siganeul yoguhabnida.
To evaluate his performance requires considering at least 10 or more factors, and this requires approximately an hour of time.

Long explanation:

'~정도 [jeongdo]' is a particle used in Korean to indicate an approximate quantity, amount, degree, level, or extent of something. It conveys a sense of approximation akin to 'about' or 'approximately' in English. It is often used in conversations when you are not sure about the exact quantity or amount and want to give an estimated or rough idea.

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