Decoded Slug: ~지 않을테니 [ji anheulteni] (Won't, wouldn't)

Korean Grammar Point
~지 않을테니 [ji anheulteni] (Won't, wouldn't)

~지 않을테니 [ji anheulteni] (Won't, wouldn't)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'won't do' or 'wouldn't do' in casual situations


Verb stem + 지 않을테니


밥은 식지 않을테니 천천히 오세요.
Babeun sikji anheulteni cheoncheonhi oseyo.
The food won't get cold, so come slowly.
날씨가 더워지 않을테니 오늘은 긴팔을 입을 필요가 없을 거예요.
Nalssiga deowoji anheulteni oneuleun ginpareul ibeul pillyoga eopseul geoyeyo.
The weather won't get hotter today, so there's no need to wear long sleeves.
이 문제는 너무 어렵지 않을테니 걱정하지 마세요.
I munjeneun neomu eoryeopji anheulteni geokjeonghaji maseyo.
This problem won't be too hard, so don't worry.
그는 너를 찾지 않을테니 안심하세요.
Geuneun neoreul chatji anheulteni ansimhaseyo.
He won't look for you, so don't worry.

Long explanation:

The grammar point ~지 않을테니 [ji anheulteni] expresses 'won't do' or 'wouldn't do'. It is casual and often used when the speaker believes that the action or behavior expressed in the content of speech will certainly not happen or occur in the future. This form is generally used when the speaker is trying to convey his or her intention that isn’t likely to be changed.

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