Decoded Slug: ~쯤 [jjeum] (About, around)

Korean Grammar Point
~쯤 [jjeum] (About, around)

~쯤 [jjeum] (About, around)

Short explanation:

'~쯤' is a postposition used to indicate approximation or estimation.


Noun + 쯤


회사에는 오후 3시쯤 도착할 것 같아요.
Hoesa-eneun ohu se si jjeum dochakhal geot katayo.
I think I'll arrive at the office around 3 PM.
어제 그녀는 약 10개쯤 쿠키를 먹었어요.
Eoje geunyeo-neun yag ship gae jjeum kuki-reul meogeosseoyo.
She ate about 10 cookies yesterday.
여기서 학교까지 걸어서 15분쯤 걸릴 것 같아요.
Yeogi-seo hakgyo-kkaji geoleoseo sib-o bun jjeum geolril geos katayo.
It will take about 15 minutes to walk from here to the school.
그는 이미 500페이지쯤 읽어서 빨리 책을 다 읽을 것 같아요.
Geuneun imi obaek peiji jjeum ilgeoseo palli chaegeul da ilgeul geos katayo.
He's already read about 500 pages, so he'll likely finish the book soon.

Long explanation:

The Korean grammar point '~쯤 [jjeum]' is used to indicate a rough estimate or approximation in terms of time, quantity, or degree. It is equivalent to the English expressions 'about', 'around', or 'approximately'. Note that '~쯤' is commonly used in casual conversation, not in formal writings or precise statements. It gives an approximate notion about a situation.

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