Decoded Slug: ~처럼 [cheoreom] (Like, as)

Korean Grammar Point
~처럼 [cheoreom] (Like, as)

~처럼 [cheoreom] (Like, as)

Short explanation:

Used to express similarity or imitation; 'like', 'as'.


Noun/Verb + 처럼


그의 눈은 별처럼 반짝반짝 빛나고 있어요.
Geuui nuneun byeolcheoreom banjjakbanjjak bitnago isseoyo.
His eyes are shining like stars.
우리 아버지는 늘 날개가 달린 말처럼 열심히 일해요.
Uri abeojineun neul nalgae ga dallin malcheoreom yeolsimhi ilhaeyo.
My father always works hard as if he was a horse with wings.
그녀는 수영을 물고기처럼 잘 해요.
Geunyeoneun suyeongeul mulgogicheoreom jal haeyo.
She swims as well as a fish.
오늘 하루 종일 나는 새처럼 자유롭게 날아다녔어요.
Oneul haru jongil naneun saecheoreom jayurobge naradanwosseoyo.
I flew around freely like a bird all day today.

Long explanation:

'~처럼 [cheoreom]' is a postposition used in Korean to show comparison, resemblance, or imitation. It is often translated as 'like' or 'as' in English and compares two different things, expressing that one thing is similar to or acts like another. You can use it with both nouns and verbs.

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