Decoded Slug: ~처럼만 [cheoreomman] (Just like, as if)

Korean Grammar Point
~처럼만 [cheoreomman] (Just like, as if)

~처럼만 [cheoreomman] (Just like, as if)

Short explanation:

Used to express similarity or comparison; 'just like', 'as if'.


Noun/Verb + 처럼만


그녀는 난 마치 꿈을 꾸는 것처럼만 느껴졌어.
Geunyeoneun nan machi kkumeul kkuneun geotcheoreomman neukkyeojyeosseo.
She made me feel as if I was dreaming.
이 음식은 마치 엄마가 만든 것처럼만 맛있어요.
I eumsikeun machi eommaga mandeun geotcheoreomman masisseoyo.
This food tastes just like the one my mother makes.
오늘은 날씨가 봄처럼만 따뜻해요.
Oneuleun nalssiga bomcheoreomman ttatteushaeyo.
The weather today is warm just like spring.
그는 마치 나를 알아보는 것처럼만 쳐다보았다.
Geuneun machi nareul araboneun geotcheoreomman chyeodaboassda.
He looked at me as if he recognized me.

Long explanation:

'~처럼만 [cheoreomman]' is a grammar point in Korean that is used to express comparison or similarity. It is equivalent to saying 'just like' or 'as if' in English. It is used to compare one thing or person to another thing or person, or to describe someone or something behaving or appearing as if it were someone or something else.

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