Decoded Slug: ~층 [cheung] (Floor count)

Korean Grammar Point
~층 [cheung] (Floor count)

~층 [cheung] (Floor count)

Short explanation:

Used to express number of floors in a building, 'floor count' or 'nth floor'.


Numeral + 층


저희 집은 아파트 건물의 15층에 위치하고 있습니다.
Jeohui jibeun apateu geonmul-ui 15cheunge wichihago itsseubnida.
Our house is located on the 15th floor of the apartment building.
회사는 높은 건물의 20층에 있어서 전망이 정말 좋습니다.
Hoesaneun nopeun geonmul-ui 20cheunge isseoseo jeonmangi jeongmal joheumseubnida.
The company is on the 20th floor of a high building, so the view is really good.
엘리베이터에 차량이 없으면 10층까지 도보로 올라가야 합니다.
Ellibeiteo-e chalyangi eobseumyeon 10cheungkkaji dobolo ollagaya habnida.
If there is no elevator, you have to go up to the 10th floor by foot.
복층 아파트 구조는 일반적으로 2층 건물로 설계됩니다.
Bokcheung apateu gujoneun ilbanjeog-eulo 2cheung geonmullo seolgyedoebnida.
Duplex apartment structure is typically designed as a 2-story building.

Long explanation:

'~층 [cheung]' is a suffix used in Korean to denote the count of floors in a structure or building. It is added to a numeral to specify which floor of a building. It is equivalent to the English ordinal numbers used to refer to floors like 'first floor', 'second floor' etc. It is generally used in contexts relating to buildings, architecture and navigation within multistorey structures.

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