Decoded Slug: ~치고는 [chigoneun] (For, considering)

Korean Grammar Point
~치고는 [chigoneun] (For, considering)

~치고는 [chigoneun] (For, considering)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'for', 'considering', 'in comparison to', 'for a'.


Noun + ~치고는


어린이 치고는 그림 그리는 실력이 아주 탁월해요.
Eorini chigoneun geurim geurineun sillryeogi aju takweolhaeyo.
For a child, his/her drawing skills are exceptional.
기초 수업 치고는 너무 어려워서 모든 학생들이 혼란스러웠어요.
Gicho sueop chigoneun neomu eoryeowoseo modeun haksengdeuri honranseureoweosseoyo.
Considering it was a basic class, it was too difficult and all the students were confused.
이렇게 짧은 시간 치고는 많은 일을 처리한 게 놀라워요.
Ileohge jjalbeun sigan chigoneun manheun ileul cheolihan ge nollawoyo.
Considering such a short period of time, it's amazing how much work has been done.
비록 초보자 치고는 당신이 상당히 잘하고 있어요.
Birok choboja chigoneun dangsini sangdanghi jalhago isseoyo.
Considering you're a beginner, you're doing pretty well.

Long explanation:

'~치고는 [chigoneun]' is a suffix in Korean language that is used to compare or contrast a subject to its usual standards or expectations. When you think about a certain standard, but the result contradicts your expectations, you can use '~치고는'. It is mostly used when the reality is better than the standard or expectation. It can be translated to 'for' or 'considering' in English.

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