Decoded Slug: ~케 하다 [ke hada] (To make)

Korean Grammar Point
~케 하다 [ke hada] (To make)

~케 하다 [ke hada] (To make)

Short explanation:

Used to express causing someone or something to be in a certain state.


Descriptive verb stem + 케 하다


그녀는 자기 듣기 좋은 음악만 틀어주케 했어요, 그래서 저희 모두 그녀의 선택에 만족했어요.
Geunyeoneun jagi deudgi joheun eumagman teureojuke haeosseoyo, geuraeseo jeohui modu geunyeo-ui seontaege manjokhaesseoyo.
She made it so that we only played music she liked to listen to, so we were all satisfied with her choice.
제가 엄마를 걱정되는 일이 없도록 해야겠어요, 그래서 엄마가 마음 편히 쉴 수 있케 해야 할 거예요.
Jega eomma-reul geokjeongdoeneun iri eobsdorok haeyagessseoyo, geuraeseo eomma-ga maeum pyeonhi swil su isske haeya hal geoyeyo.
I should make it so that there are no worries for my mother, so I should make her feel at ease.
그는 아이들이 크는 동안에 자기가 데려다 주지 않으면 학교에 갈 수 없게 했어요.
Geuneun aideuri keuneun dongan-e jagiga deryeoda juji anh-eumyeon hakgyoe gal su eobsge haess-eoyo.
He made it so that the children could not go to school unless he took them there while they were growing up.
나는 방이 어수선해 보이지 않게 침대 위의 옷들을 청소하케 했어요.
Naneun bang-i eossseonhae boiji anhke chimdaewiui osdeul-eul cheongsohake haess-eoyo.
I made the room not look messy by cleaning the clothes on the bed.

Long explanation:

'~케 하다 [ke hada]' is a verb ending used in Korean to express the action of causing or making someone or something to be in a certain state or condition. The verb or adjective that goes in front of '~케 하다' describes the state or condition that the subject causes. It is often equivalent to 'make' or 'let' in English. Note, the verb or adjective before '케' needs to be in the descriptive verb stem form.

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