Decoded Slug: ~켤 [kkeol] (Every, each)

Korean Grammar Point
~켤 [kkeol] (Every, each)

~켤 [kkeol] (Every, each)

Short explanation:

Used to express repetition or regular action; 'every', 'each'.


Time word + 켤


나는 매주 토요일켤 운동을 합니다, 이렇게 규칙적인 운동이 내 건강에 도움이 됩니다.
Naneun maeju toyoil-kkeol undongeul habnida, ireohge gyulakjeogin undong-i nae geongang-e doumi doebnida.
I exercise every Saturday, this regular exercise helps my health.
그는 일주일에 두 번켤 한국어를 공부합니다, 그래서 그의 한국어 실력이 빨리 향상되고 있습니다.
Geuneun iljuile du beon-kkeol hangugeoreul gongbuhapnida, geuraeseo geuui hangugeo sillgi has balri hyangsangdoego isseumnida.
He studies Korean twice a week, so his Korean skills are improving rapidly.
우리는 매일 아침켤 만나서 같이 밥을 먹는다, 이것이 우리의 일상적인 활동 이다.
Ulineun maeil achim-kkeol mannaseo gati babeul meog-neunda, igeosi urui ilsangjeog-in hwaldong ida.
We meet every morning to eat together, this is our daily activity.
그녀는 일년 내내 매월 마지막 주 일요일켤 가족들과 모입니다, 이것이 그녀의 가족과의 시간을 보내는 방법입니다.
Geunyeoneun illyeon naenae maewol majimag ju ilyoil-kkeol gajokdeulgwa moyeoida, igeosi geunyeoui gajokgwaui siganeul bonaeneun bangbeobibnida.
She meets with her family every last Sunday of the month throughout the year, this is how she spends time with her family.

Long explanation:

'~켤 [kkeol]' is a grammar point in Korean that demonstrates regularity in various time frames, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. This pattern is used to explain routines or events that recur regularly on the selected timeline - akin to 'every' or 'each' in English. This pattern is usually used with time-based words, especially when describing habits or regularly occurring events.

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