Decoded Slug: ~테니라고 [tenirago] (Since, because)

Korean Grammar Point
~테니라고 [tenirago] (Since, because)

~테니라고 [tenirago] (Since, because)

Short explanation:

Used to indicate a reason, cause or basis; 'since', or 'because'.


Adjective/Verb(eun)테니라고 + Verb/Adjective


너무 오래 걸리는 일이라서 그냥 제가 했어요. 괜히 기다렸다가 다른 일에 지체될 테니라고 생각했어요.
Neomu orae geollineun iriraseo geunyang jegado haessdeora. Gwaenhi gidaryeossdaga dareun ire jicheodwae tenirago saenggakhaessseubnida.
I just did it because it takes too long. I thought it would be a waste to wait and delay other work.
이길 테니라고 자신감을 가져보세요. 성공의 비결은 자신감이에요.
Igill tenirago jasin gameul gajyeoboseyo. Seong gong ui bigyeol eun jasinyimieyo.
Have confidence because you will win. The secret to success is confidence.
너무 많이 먹으면 안 돼. 소화가 잘 안 될 테니라고 주의해야 돼.
Neomu mani meogeumyeon an dwae. Sowaga jal an doel tenirago juuihaeya dwae.
You shouldn't eat too much. You should be careful because it might not digest well.
그 과자는 너무 달아서 안 좋아. 너무 달면 양치가 상할 테니라고 생각해서 안 먹었어.
Geu gwaja neun neomu daraseo an johahanda. Neomu damyeon yangchiga sang hal teni rago saenggak hae Seo an meogeosseoyo.
I don't like that snack because it's too sweet. I didn't eat it because I thought it would hurt my teeth if it's too sweet.

Long explanation:

'~테니라고 [tenirago]' is a postposition used in Korean to provide a reason, cause or justification for a situation, action or decision. It translates to 'since' or 'because' in English. This piece of grammar is commonly found in sentences which reason out why something must or should be done, happened, or the way it is.

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