Decoded Slug: ~토록 [torok] (So ~ that, to the extent)

Korean Grammar Point
~토록 [torok] (So ~ that, to the extent)

~토록 [torok] (So ~ that, to the extent)

Short explanation:

Used to express the extent or degree of a certain condition or state.


Verb Stem + 토록


그의 음악을 들어본 사람들은 모두 그가 어떻게 그런 멋진 음악을 만들 수 있는지를 이해하지 못할 정도로 그의 음악에 놀랐어요.
Geuui eumageul deureobon saramdeureun modu geuga eotteoke geureon meotjin eumageul mandeul su issneunji-reul ihaehaji motal jeongdo-ro geuui eumage nollaesseoyo.
Everyone who listened to his music was so amazed by it that they couldn't understand how he could create such fantastic music.
건물이 너무 높아서 바닥을 볼 정도로 몸이 떨렸어요.
Geonmuri neomu nopaseo badageul bol jeongdo-ro momi tteolleyeosseoyo.
The building was so high that I trembled to the extent of looking at the floor.
고등학생 때까지는 수학 문제를 풀 정도로 머리가 좋았어요.
Godeunghaksaeng ttaekkajineun suhak munje-reul pul jeongdo-ro meoriga joasseoyo.
Until high school, I was smart enough to solve math problems.
그 한국어 책이 너무 어려워서 아무런 문장도 이해하지 못할 정도예요
Geu hangugeo chaeki neomu eoryeowoseo amureon munjangdo ihaehaji motal jeongdo-eyo
The Korean book is so difficult that I can't understand any sentences.

Long explanation:

'~토록 [torok]' is a grammatical form used in Korean to express the degree or extent of a certain situation, condition, or state, often expressing something extreme or surprising. It can be somewhat equivalent to 'so ~ that' in English. This form is used to highlight the intensity or severity of a situation, often creating a more dramatic or emphatic statement.

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