Decoded Slug: ~하기보다 [hakiboda] (Rather than doing)

Korean Grammar Point
~하기보다 [hakiboda] (Rather than doing)

~하기보다 [hakiboda] (Rather than doing)

Short explanation:

Used to express preference or a better option; 'rather than'.


Verb + 기보다 + Preferred verb


강아지를 사 주는 것보다 입양하는 것을 추천드려요.
Gangajireul sa juneun geosboda ibyanghaneun geoseul chucheon deuryeoyo.
I recommend adopting a puppy rather than buying one.
택시를 타기보다는 버스를 타는 게 더 싸요.
Taeksireul tagibodaneun beoseureul taneun ge deo ssayo.
It's cheaper to take the bus rather than a taxi.
많이 먹기보다는 품질 좋은 음식을 먹는 것이 더 중요해요.
Mani meokgibodaneun pumjil joheun eumsigeul meokneun geosi deo jungyohaeyo.
It's more important to eat good quality food rather than eat a lot.
친구에게 거짓말하기보다는 진실을 말하는 것이 낫다고 생각해요.
Chinguege geojismalhagibodaneun jinsireul malhaneun geosi nasdagosaenggakhaeyo.
I think it is better to tell the truth to a friend rather than lie.

Long explanation:

'~하기보다 [hakiboda]' is a grammar point used in Korean to indicate a preference over something or to suggest that a particular option is better than another. It is equivalent to 'rather than' in English. This phrase is used to compare two alternatives and to express the speaker's preference or the better of the two.

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