Decoded Slug: ~하는 한 [haneun han] (As long as)

Korean Grammar Point
~하는 한 [haneun han] (As long as)

~하는 한 [haneun han] (As long as)

Short explanation:

This pattern is used to express 'as long as' or 'while' in English.


Verb stem + 하는 한


당신이 건강을 유지하는 한, 아무 문제도 없을 거예요.
Dangsini geongangeul yuji haneun han, amu munjedo eobseul geoyeyo.
There will be no problem as long as you maintain your health.
너가 내 옆에 있는 한, 나는 행복해.
Neoga nae yeope issneun han, naneun haengbokhae.
As long as you're by my side, I'm happy.
그녀가 진심으로 노력하는 한, 그녀의 목표를 달성할 수 있을 것이다.
Geunyeoga jinsimeuro noryeokhaneun han, geunyeoui mokpyoreul dalseonghal su isseul geosida.
She will be able to achieve her goals as long as she strives sincerely.
우리가 함께하는 한 어떤 어려움도 극복할 수 있을 거야.
Uriga hamkke haneun han eotteon eoryeoumdo geukbokhal su isseul geoya.
We can overcome any difficulty as long as we're together.

Long explanation:

'~하는 한 [haneun han]' is a grammar pattern used in Korean to express the idea of 'as long as' or 'while'. It is used to convey a conditional situation where something continues or remains valid as long as a certain condition is met. This pattern is commonly used in various contexts and is essential for expressing conditions or circumstances that affect the outcome or occurrence of certain events or actions.

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