Decoded Slug: ~하면서 [hamyeonseo] (While doing)

Korean Grammar Point
~하면서 [hamyeonseo] (While doing)

~하면서 [hamyeonseo] (While doing)

Short explanation:

Used to express two actions happening simultaneously, or one action happening while another is in progress.


Verb stem + 하면서


자연 속에서 힐링하면서 사진도 많이 찍었어요.
Jayeon sogeseo hillinghamyeonseo sajindo mani jjigeosseoyo.
While healing in nature, I also took a lot of pictures.
음악을 듣으면서 숙제를 했습니다.
Eumageul deud-eumyeonseo sugjereul haessseubnida.
While listening to music, I did homework.
아빠는 티비를 보면서 저녁을 먹었어요.
Appaneun Tibireul bom-yeonseo jeonyeogeul meogeosseoyo.
Dad ate dinner while watching TV.
그는 걸으면서 읽는 습관이 있어요.
Geuneun geoleum-yeonseo ilg-neun seubgwani isseoyo.
He has a habit of reading while walking.

Long explanation:

'~하면서 [hamyeonseo]' is a Korean conjunction used to describe two simultaneous actions or to indicate that one action is happening while another action is in progress. It can be directly translated to 'while' or 'as' in English. In the case of two verbs, the verb before '하면서' is the one that is in progress while the action after is happening.

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